Step 1: Online Gardening Classes, Learn How to Make Gardening Easy.

Okay so you’re interested in gardening and gardening classes but you’re still unsure.

What is Square Foot Gardening?

What makes it so easy?

That’s what I wanted to know when I was first introduced to the idea. I needed to know how gardening could become easy and work-free. So we decided to take the Gardening classes offered by a certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor.

My husband went online and found where the nearest class was being offered. Lucky for us it wasn’t too far from our home so we signed up, but I was very skeptical.

We made plans for someone to watch our daughter one night while we attended the 3 hour gardening class. As we drove to the horticultural center near our home I hoped that this method would be all it boasted to be.

I was thrilled with all the information that we gathered. I had discovered things about gardening from this class that had never even occurred to me. I decided then and there that I would not only implement this in my home, but I would do what I could to spread the word to other people about how easy gardening could be.

I quickly became certified with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation so I could teach every one who was interested how to make gardening easy and efficient.

On a more personal note I really believe that in these times of economic uncertainty we would do well to prepare ourselves to be more self-sufficient. For me gardening is not just something that’s fun but it has become a valuable skill that will help my family in difficult times and it can do the same for you. I want to help everybody who wants to learn to become a successful gardener in their own backyard.

All of our classes are online and easily enjoyed from the comfort of your own home(no baby-sitters or late nights out at some school).

Not sure about the Internet or Online Classes… don’t worry! They are an easy, fantastic way to receive the information you need without having to make plans or rearrange your schedule. And they’re live... so you can ask questions as we go.

So here’s how you start:

first we offer a Free 20 min Introductory Class so that you can preview what Square Foot Gardening is all about. We want you to know the essentials and get excited about learning before diving into the full class, that’s why we offer the introductory course. Preview the basics and find out if this is really for you, (and you can get comfortable with online classes).

Second, (or first if you know you want to lean this method right away) we offer a full three hour Gardening 101 Course where you will learn everything you need to know, from how to get started to putting your garden to bed at the end of the season.

And third, because I hate not having a knowledgeable person to turn to when I try and implement a new technique, once you have attended the 101 course we offer a free Q&A session every Saturday so you can log on, ask your questions, make sure you feel comfortable and are starting out right.

Once you have attended the gardening classes and learned the Square Foot Gardening Method you’re ready to move forward to
Step 2: Choose Your Personalized Planting Plan.

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