Free Gardening Plans Will Take the Guess Work Out Of Gardening.

When I started my garden, I didn’t realize how important it was going to be to have gardening plans. As previously mentioned I’d always grown tomatos and so that was easy. However armed with my new easy gardening method I wanted to grow more. I thought all vegetables would be as easy, I thought you’d plant them in the ground like tomatoes and they’d grow. Some of them did but most of them didn’t.

Had I been a little more prepared I could have had a completely successful garden instead of just a hit and miss garden. I planted cold weather vegetables too close to the frost date and they fried in the summer heat. Then there were long growing summer vegetables that didn’t have enough time to grow to maturity before it got cold. The point is had I done a little prep work and developed a plan I could have had a 100% crop. The next year I sat down and developed a plan.

I looked up all the fruits and vegetables I wanted to grow and made a 21-week preparation calendar. This 21-week calendar starts 21 weeks before your frost date. That means you will begin your garden 21 weeks before you even plant most of your vegetables outside. Not everybody will have to start 21 weeks before there planting date; it will all depend on what you want to grow and how you want start.

That brings up seed starting versus buying starts from a store. Starting your own seeds takes a little extra work but it is well worth it in my mind. Below is two pictures one is of the tomatoes that I bought already started and the next is a picture of tomatoes that I started my self from seed.

As you can see, the tomato plants that I started from seed are much bigger and the tomatoes tasted better. It’s worth the effort to start your vegetables from seed to get the best crop possible.

Either way a little planning goes a long way to having the best garden possible. Below is a list of frost dates click on yours to down load your gardening plan. And then move on to Step 3: Getting Ready.

Frost Date Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th
Frost Date Feb. 5th- 11th
Frost Date Feb. 12th-18th
Frost Date Feb 19th-25th
Frost Date Feb. 26th-March 4th
Frost Date March 5th-11th
Frost Date March 12th-18th
Frost Date March 19th-25th
Frost Date March 26th- April 1st
Frost Date April 2nd-8th
Frost Date April 9th-15th
Frost Date April 16th-22nd
Frost Date April 23rd-29th
Frost Date April 30th- May 6th
Frost Date May 7th-13th
Frost Date May 14th-20th
Frost Date May 21st-27th
Frost Date May28th- June 3rd

These planting calendars are done by the week if you don’t see your frost date print out the one that is closest and adjust the weeks to fit your frost date. Also the plans were set up for 2010 but they will work no matter what year your in as long as you print out the right frost free date.

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